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The terms faux painting and faux finishing are specific painting techniques that create the look of marble, wood, or stone on more common materials. There’s a rich history of faux painting that dates back 5,000 years to ancient Mesopotamia, where the decorative arts began using plaster and stucco finishes. More recently, faux painting became popular again in the 1980’s and 1990’s as the fashion allure of wallpaper started to decline. Today’s homeowners are still choosing faux finishes for their walls, counters, ceilings, floors, and various furniture pieces to create wonderfully unique at a fraction of the cost. Take a peek at the pictures below to see all the different kinds of faux finishes that can be created in your home. 

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Your imagination is the only limitation to faux painting. If you can dream it, Marianne Minnis and A Dash of Splash in Bloomington/Normal, IL, can create the faux painting and faux finishes to make your house feel like a home. The biggest benefit to faux finishing is the ability to create a significant style change to your home at a low cost. Although many homeowners have taken it upon themselves to try and learn the techniques of faux painting, it is strongly recommended that you rely on professional painters, refinishers, and decorators which provide only the best quality work. That’s what Marianne and A Dash of Splash is most known for in Bloomington, Normal, Peoria, Champaign, Decatur, and all across central IL.  

The low cost of faux finishes can create a dramatic look on almost any surface. A Dash of Splash will help bring new life to any space or furniture piece that you have with faux painting and faux finishing. Another secret of the professionals that Marianne will share with you is that faux painting and faux finishing is a lot like human thumbprints—no two are a like! So even if you see faux painting or faux finishing in another location, you can be certain that the work A Dash of Splash does in your home and with your furniture will be as unique as you are.

Since faux painting has become so popular with homeowners, there is a whole world of unique paints and glazes that are created to give you the most unique looks possible. Marianne will walk you through her process, talk about all the unusual brushes, tools, and other equipment she uses to get the desired look with the most recent specialized techniques available. Here is a list of some of the most popular faux painting and faux finishing that A Dash of Splash does for homeowners in Bloomington, Normal, Peoria, Champaign, Decatur, and others all across central IL:

Marble Faux Finish

Who doesn’t love the look of marble? It truly is a beautiful addition to any home, but the cost can wipe out a budget. Marianne and A Dash of Splash can create the marble faux finish that you need for a remarkably low cost. The marble faux finish is one of Marianne’s most popular styles for kitchens, but it’s also used in many other living and working spaces.

Brick Faux Finish

Create the wonderful asthetic of brick in any space with a unique brick faux finish. Not only is it a great natural look in a home, but a brick faux finish can cover up those little imperfections that come with plaster walls and that sometimes even happen with drywall. A Dash of Splash has used brick faux finishes to bring new life to many homes in central IL and it can do the same for you!

Parchment Faux Finish

A parchment faux finish will translate in almost any living or working space. It’s one of the simplest to create but there are unique additions that Marianne can share with you to create that added level of quality that only comes from the level of professionalism of A Dash of Splash.

Leather Faux Finish

Unique textures like leather are a wonderfully rugged addition to the style of many homes. You can create leather faux finishes in various shades of brown, blue, and even green or mahogany. Give A Dash of Splash a call today at (217) 855-7123 and Marianne will walk you through all the leather faux finish options that will look best in your home.

Suede Faux Finish

There are an incredible number of paints and glazes available today that can be used to give you the suede faux finish that you’ll love in your home. The process for suede faux finishing is a bit more delicate and takes a highly trained professional, but not to worry, Marianne is here to get the job done. You’ll fall in love with the suede faux finish from A Dash of Splash in your home.

Clouds Faux Finish

Who doesn’t love looking up at the clouds on a beautiful sunny day? With a clouds faux finish, you can have that same feeling no matter what the weather chooses to do outside. Give Marianne a call to bring a clouds faux finish look to your kid’s room, or even create that open-air feeling in your kitchen space. 

Silk Faux Finish

Adding the look of silk creates a sense of luxury in any space. A Dash of Splash can give you that luxurious look with a silk faux finish in a unique combination of colors. The application of a silk faux finish requires a series of special techniques and metallic glazes that take a little longer than other faux finishes, but it will be well worth the wait.

There are so many more faux finish looks that you can bring into your living and working spaces. A Dash of Splash has been creating these amazing faux finishes in homes and retail spaces in Bloomington, Normal, Peoria, Champaign, Decatur, and all across central Illinois for years. Give Marianne a call at (217) 855-7123 to see how A Dash of Splash can bring new life into your spaces with a faux finish. 

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