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A Dash of Splash Decorating is a specialty painting company that is passionate about art, painting, creating, and helping clients bring their visions to life!  We offer many services that range from banister and fireplace updates all the way to funky faux finishes.  The possibilities are endless with A Dash of Splash! Below are some examples of our work, but we also offer a variety of other services.  Visit the contact page to send us a message and get a free quote for your project!

Fireplace Updates

We offer many different ways to update the look of your fireplace.  From general painting of mantles/surrounds, to faux-finishing bricks, and even adding updated tiles over existing surrounds, we've got an option to fit any home's needs!

Banister Updates


A staircase is often a focal point in your home, and it is amazing what changing the look/color of your stairs and banister can do for the overall look of your home!

Faux Countertops

Want an updated countertop without having to demo and replace your current counters?  A faux epoxy countertop may be perfect for your kitchen or bathroom!  Marianne has experience with all different kinds of faux stones, so we can bring any of your countertop dreams to life!

Stone/Backsplash Installation


A new stone surround or backsplash can completely transform the look of your space!  It is an easy update that makes a huge impact.  We can even go right over existing tiles in certain situations!

Furniture Refinishing

Good quality furniture can be difficult to find these days.  For this reason, we are passionate about bringing new life to pieces, instead of just replacing them.  We can change the entire look of your furniture piece to fit your current style, or even just spruce it up with a fresh coat of paint.  Whatever your refinishing needs are, we can help!

Faux Finishes


Faux finishing are decorative finishes that make one material look like another.  Expertly done, a standard wall can look and feel like stone, stucco, leather, wood, or much more!  Faux finishing is an excellent way to create unique and outstanding spaces and pieces that are sure to impress!

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